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Generation X: USA X General

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USA X General
GX USAIronside.png
General Micheal Ironside
Tactics Stealth, Deception
Faction Colour Blue
Branch US Special Forces
Status In-Game
To defeat your enemy you must know your enemy, To know your enemy you must become your enemy.
- Sun Tzu (Art of War)

General Ironside ,also known as the USAX General, makes use of stealth units and other deceptionary tactics to destroy his enemies from within. Even though he is a US general his tactics were more like the GLA, of which he was always criticized. His ground force is generally composed of elite infantry and light mobile vehicles, but he also has big guns like the Phalanx tank destroyer. His airforce is limited and less flexible compared to other USA factions but is not to be underestimated.



Coming Soon.

Exclusive Arsenal


Being part of the special forces, General Ironside has the best infantry units of all the US Generals.

Engineers Ironside's builder unit. Being an infantry like the GLA worker, Ironside's engineers can be transported by almost any vehicle. Unlike the workers however, engineers cannot collect supplies.
Commando Ironside's basic infantry.
Heavy Sniper Ironside's anti-tank infantry.
Starstreak Trooper Ironside's anti-air infantry.
Ghost Ironside's elite snipers. Armed with railguns.
Gen. Ironside Hero unit.


Hunter Light Tank Ironside's main battle tank.
Bison APC Ironside's main battle tank.
Phalanx Tank Destroyer Advanced anti-armor unit. Armed with a railgun.
Stalker Tank Stealth medium range artillery.


Talon Bomber Ironside's precision bomber.
F15 Eagle+ Ironside's air superiority fighter. Cannot engage ground targets.
Wraith Gunship Ironside's medium gunship.


Gun Emplacement Ironsides main defense turret. Enhances the abilities of the infantry garrisoned inside.

Generals Promotions

Generals Promotions
1 Star General
IconSpyDrone.png IconEmergencyRepair1.png
Spy Drone Emergency Repair 1
3 Star General
IconParadrop1.png IconA10Strike1.png IconEmergencyRepair2.png
Paradrop 1 A-10 Missile Strike 1 Emergency Repair 2
IconParadrop2.png IconA10Strike2.png IconEmergencyRepair3.png
Paradrop 2 A-10 Missile Strike 2 Emergency Repair 3
IconParadrop3.png IconA10Strike3.png
Paradrop 3 A-10 Missile Strike 3
5 Star General
IconFuelAirBomb.png IconLeafletDrop.png IconSpectreGunshipSolo.png
Fuel Air Bomb Leaflet Drop Spectre Gunship

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