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C&C Generals: Zero Hour
Want to know everything about modding Generals ZH? New in modding or want to know how the things works? Increase your knowledge in ZH modding here!

Recent News (view archive)

Deep Impact announced! / 27 September 2012

Deep Impact is the new ambitious mod project by NLS that is a fusion of the Generation X, European Conflict, and Forgotten Fury mods. To see more details about this mod, check their ModDB page.

And with this, the fate of the hosted Generation X depends on the mod leader Zeke. :P

NProject Mod 2.8 Released! / 24 July 2012

Generals, after one and half years worth of development time since the last update, the third installment of NProject Mod is ready for the release. This version 2.8 has made another achievement in that each of the generals has received all of their new toys, which means this version is the "complete" version of NProject Mod; a glorious achievement after five years of development.

Download NProject Mod v2.8 Here: ModDB Mirror - No-Install Version

New mod project announced! Tidal Wars is now hosted! / 1 May 2012

The NProductions family is getting bigger! We are proud to announce our new mod project Tidal Wars.

Previously known as Project Evans, once one of GRANS Productions mod alongside the Recolonize, this mod have been reborn with the name Tidal Wars.

The new mod portal now have been opened. Also say hi for the original Project Evans creator Gen.Kenobi!

And for the starter, check out the first mod update featuring three new USA ships!

GenX USA Beta Patch 1.1 / 15 February 2012

GenX USA Beta patch is out. It fixes the mismatches and also various things. Get it now!

Main patch -- Hotfix

Generation X USA Beta Released! / 31 December 2011

Congratulations to GenX mod for the very first public beta release! you can watch the release trailer and download the beta here.

Also congratulations for being the top 100 mod in ModDB MOTY awards. :D

Featured article


The Humvee is a fast transport vehicle. It can transport five soldiers which can fire through the vehicle's fireports. However, by itself it's only armed with a machine gun, though can be upgraded with a TOW Missile launcher. It also has rather weak armor, but makes up for that with speed. The Humvee is often used for kiting.


Featured media


The Chinese Spy Plane are called in via special power on Internet Center that available after the Satellite Hack I upgrade purchased. It will travel to the battlefield and reveal the target area. This new Spy Plane model based on combination of real life Chinese AWACS KJ-2000 and its little brother KJ-200.

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